Reasons for studying

What is a Polytechnic Study?

The polytechnic study combines knowledge from the fields of technology, business economics, management, informatics and social sciences, and aims to educate professionals for professional work, according to the standards of the globalized world, and the requirements of consumers of services and production in the open market.
In this institution, professional knowledge with polyvalent functions is formed as a symbiosis of higher technical and business education of modern experts, thus ensuring the completion of students (graduates) creativity and coping in modern conditions of production and business.

What are the advantages of polytechnics over traditional studies?
The polytechnic study combines technical and social sciences, thus filling the gap that arises between engineers and other professions due to the mismatch of knowledge of these topics. The aim of the polytechnic study, following the trends of European higher education institutions, is to educate and train young people who will be able to combine polyvalent knowledge and thus respond to the conditions and needs of modern business that the future brings.

Why choose Pula Polytechnic?
Pula Polytechnic, a technical-business college, is the first and most famous polytechnic study in Croatia. From 2000 until today, this study has been selected by over 500 students, of which over 150 have successfully completed their studies. It is interesting to note that most graduates are employed in the profession.

A special feature of the Pula Polytechnic is the professional teaching staff: most of the lecturers are also successful entrepreneurs who have confirmed their work in the profession. About 50 teachers from Istria, Rijeka and Zagreb teach as lecturers. Of these, 29 doctors of science and 13 masters of science.

Classes are held in small groups, combining classic ex-cathedra and virtual lectures thanks to the possibility of online study. Some parts of the curriculum are based on programs taught at reputable European higher education institutions, and special attention in teaching is paid to encouraging student creativity. In such an environment, with the support of professors, numerous models have been developed that have found their application in practice. Of the more recent ones, we single out the development of software on “imaginary reality” that enables the review of wired models of characters and bodies, which was created as part of free activities in computing.

Insisting on excellence and quality improvement, continuous adaptation of programs and courses to modern trends and needs in the labor market, cooperation with the international scientific community, business sector, relevant associations and institutions are the basic features that place Politehnika Pula among the top higher education institutions in Croatia.

What after undergraduate study?
After completing the undergraduate three-year study with 180 ECTS credits, she acquires the title of professional bachelor (baccalaurea) engineer / polytechnic engineer. Students may continue their education at higher levels of specialization or scientific training, or be employed in professional or managerial positions.

What after specialist study?
Upon completion of the specialist professional study with at least a total of 120 ECTS credits, the title of professional specialist in process management is acquired. After completing the specialist study of creative process management, professional specialists can be employed in managerial positions as project managers.